Frequently asked questions

Oxfordcaps is a fast growing company providing International standard student residences that are transforming the student housing sector in India. It is Asia’s first branded and technology-enabled student housing community. Founded and headquartered in Singapore in 2017, Oxfordcaps offers GenZ students a great living environment which is hassle free, including all kinds of basic and premium amenities: fully furnished rooms, reading areas, wi-fi/internet services. It also offers professional housekeeping, security provisions, city and neighborhood guide, and airport pick up facility. Oxfordcaps started its operations in India with Delhi/NCR and Dehradun. The company has expanded to 9 cities as Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun, Pune, Indore, Bengaluru, Greater Noida, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur and will shortly be extending to other cities around India. Oxfordcaps offers accommodation on bed-by-bed basis, meaning that students don’t have to form house share groups themselves – a situation that’s particularly difficult for those coming from abroad or another city with no existing contacts in the country/city.

Oxfordcaps also provides an option for the student to choose their roommate. Our main goal is to build a space that encourages a sense of belonging no matter what your background is. At Oxfordcaps, students always have the option of either staying with their friend/college mate or someone completely new, according to their comfort level.

Yes, Oxfordcaps is open to tours by prospective students and parents. Just drop in a query and we'll get in touch with you to schedule your visit.

Currently, Oxfordcaps is not open to trial stays. However, Oxfordcaps is open to tours by prospective students and parents. Oxfordcaps, International Standard Student Residences, believe in the policy of 'you get what you see' and ensures 100% transparency in all its transactions. Students can book their place from the comfort of their home and carry out transactions digitally.

Oxfordcaps offers international standard student residences with a large number of properties opening soon. Due to our increasing popularity and the amenities offered in our student residences, they fill up quickly. Therefore, prospective students are advised to book their bed as early as possible.

Although Oxfordcaps provides four wholesome and nutritious meals daily, still the student residents have the option of preparing snacks and other refreshments as per their needs.

In Oxfordcaps hostel Each student is provided with a bed, beddings, a study table, a chair, and a pinboard. There are pre-installed curtains in the rooms with windows.

In Oxfordcaps hostel each student will be given two pairs of bed sheets, a pillow, and duvet.


Oxfordcaps PG\Hostel provides professional housekeeping every day, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning your hostel rooms.

Oxfordcaps Student hostel has the biometric entry, 24/7 CCTV surveillance and security guards to ensure maximum security at all times.

A warden and a security guard are present 24/7 at the hostel.

No, we have separate male and female hostels and PGS.

Students are supposed to check-in back into the hostel maximum by 10 PM. If the student does not punch-in by 10 PM, a notification via our student’s app will be sent to you. Guardian/parents will be informed about the ward’s uninformed absence within 30min if the student doesn’t respond to notification/message/call.

Yes, we have both girls and boys hostel/PGs for the student in north campus area Located in Laxmi nagar, Kamla Nagar and Rohini providing top notch living arrangements in our hostel/PGs, covering the the major educational center points offering beds at their best price with all amenities and are nearby to colleges such as Hans Raj and Ramjas so that it becomes easy for the students to commute back and forth.

In the hostel/PGs, anyone from outside will be given limited access, mostly to the common room. No-one apart from the residents can go into any other room.

Yes, all our properties/PGs are equipped with Wi-Fi.

Our hostels/PGs are open to anyone. We have working professionals and students taking coaching, staying with us as well.

Yes, of course here at Oxfordcaps we provide hostel tour before booking the property if the student wishes to. In order to arrange a viewing of a property you need to signup on our website and from there you yourself can schedule the tour to the hostel. Or, if you want to book the tour offline, in that case, you can call on our number 1800 5724 888 and get your Hostel/PG scheduling done from there.

You will hear back from us within 24 hours during the regular business week. In order for a member of our expert bookings team to get in touch, you need to- -Logon and register online and -Select the city you would like to book your Hostel/PG -Choose the particular property you would like to book.

If you would like to change your room in the same hostel/PG once you’ve moved in, we will do our best to accommodate you (if we’re not fully booked) and rooms are available in the hostel. If there is a rent difference in both the room then you have to pay the difference.

It couldn't be easier! There are two ways of booking a room- Online- You can book online through our website which is really simple and secure system- 1.Go to our website 2.Register with us. 3.Now choose your desired location where you want to book. 4.Select the property you want to book a room in. 5.Click on the book now button to fill the required detail and book the room. If you have any problem with booking you can call us on our number 1800 5724 888. Offline- To book hostel offline just call on our number 1800 5724 888 and book your preferred room directly from there. Once you've paid your deposit you will be allocated a room and receive a booking confirmation email from our side.